Corona Update
Update: 19/10/2020

The doors of Parkhotel are fully open to everyone

Dear guest,

We have been very much looking forward to this moment and are pleased to share with you that we have been informed that as of 8 June we will be able to fully open the doors of the Parkhotel to everyone again. This means that from then on it will be possible to stay in all types of accommodation and we will be able to rent 100% of our berths. We have received many beautiful, heartwarming and uplifting words for which many thanks!

The Parkhotel has always been a place where we think about the future and how we can optimise every guest experience, under whatever circumstances. It has also always been a place where one can enjoy the space, the garden, peace and quiet and the beautiful coast of De Panne. Precisely under these circumstances it can also be a great base of operations.

This new situation is a challenge and requires a number of required adjustments without compromising the 'Parkhotel'-feeling. For example, there will be adjustments on arrival and departure and there are stricter protocols with regard to housekeeping, hygiene and social distance. We follow government guidelines and ensure that we can guarantee the safety and health of our guests and staff.

Terraces, cafes and restaurants have been reopened as of 8 June.
Since June 8th it is also possible at the Parkhotel to enjoy our local, fresh breakfast at all accommodation types. If you have booked a room in the Parkhotel itself or in the holiday homes, this is excluding breakfast, but you have the possibility to book breakfast in addition... You will be informed about these possibilities upon arrival.

Our 'frequently asked questions' at the bottom of this page has been adjusted, but if you have any further questions please contact and we will be happy to help you. You can also make a reservation by mail, telephone or via our reservation page.
Together we look forward to the future and to a beautiful summer. We hope to welcome you as a guest in the Parkhotel soon. Stay healthy and take good care of each other!

With cordial greetings,

Van den Kerkhove family and team

Frequently asked questions

What precautions has the Parkhotel taken?

The health of our employees and guests is our highest priority. That is why we have taken various measures. For example, there are adjustments at reception and departure such as temporarily not giving a hand anymore, there is a plexiglass separation at the reception, we no longer have tourist information in the form of flyers/folders. The keys are disinfected in a special cabinet with UV light.

If there are guests in front of you, we ask you to wait quietly in compliance with the 1.5 meter rule.

There is an automatic dispenser with alcohol at the reception and in the lift as well as at the entrance of the restaurant. May we ask you not only to wash your hands but also to disinfect them.

Wearing a mouth mask is not compulsory but recommended in all public places where the 1.5 meter rule is slightly more difficult. Our service staff wears a mouth mask.

The lift is equipped with an alcohol dispenser. Please do not share the lift with other guests outside your company ("bubble").

After departure, the rooms are completely cleaned and the room, bathroom, contact points and floor are completely disinfected.
During your stay there will be no routine maintenance. Every 3 days your room will be completely cleaned and disinfected again. If you do wish something, please inform the reception. We will be happy to help you.
By default, no glasses or a bottle of water will be placed in the room. However, you can obtain disinfected glasses and one bottle of water free of charge at reception.

The breakfast buffet was adapted by the Covid-19 measures. Instead of a self-service buffet, we prefer to work with table service. Upon arrival you will be escorted to your table and our local and fresh products will be brought to you.
The tables are placed in such a way that the space between them is 1.5 meters. Weather permitting, you also have the opportunity to have breakfast in our beautiful and spacious garden.
Due to the large distance between the tables, our maximum capacity for the restaurant has decreased. On busy periods we will offer a service in 2 shifts:

- The first shift : arriving between 08:00 and 09:00.
- The second shift: arriving between 09:00 and 10:00.

This way you, as our guest, can enjoy your breakfast to the fullest.

Lunch and dinner
The tables were positioned so that the space between them is 1.5 metres. Weather permitting, you also have the opportunity to take your meals in our beautiful and spacious garden.
The kitchen remains open all the time.