The Parkhotel was the first ecological hotel in Belgium to receive the "Green Key label".

The Parkhotel continuously invests in Sustainability .



       1. Solar water heater :

Solar water heater : With the help of solar thermal panels on our roof, up to 80% of the water here is heated with solar energy

       2. Solar panels :

Our new solar panels power the hotel by 20 %. Installed with the support of the Province of West Flanders

        3. Batteries :

3 batteries store the generated energy so we can use it in the evening

        4. Double charging stations for cars : 

4 double charging stations for cars.  Thanks to the system of smappee the cars are charged! not charged outside the peak moments of the hotel (load balancing charging station) with the support of the province of West Flanders



Thanks to its own collection and filter system, both laundry and cleaning can be done with rainwater.

In summer, this also waters the garden.


The Parkhotel uses Ecover products for washing, dishwashing and cleaning.

The choice of the Faith in nature product range and of Cradle to Cradle towels also fits in with the ecological approach.

Regional products

The Parkhotel consciously chooses regional products, local beers and Belgian wines.

Loam stove

Dit is our wood-fired heat accumulating stove that we use to ensure that our entire bar and dining room are warmed up during the winter months. It also provides cosy atmosphere.